Custom Waistbeads CONSULTATION Booking

Select a date for your custom waistbeads consultation. Please read all details before booking. 

This consultation is for one (1) client and one (1) waistbeads set design. A set consists of one or more beaded strands (separate or combined). Each strand in the set can be unique, however, we should agree on a general theme for your set before ending our call.

Your waistbeads set may be ordered in bulk, however, please make sure only one (1) client is present at this consultation. For example: If you wish to start two sets with two different designs, please book two consultations.

November 2021
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You should be prepared to spend a minimum of $150 for your custom set.

Pricing factors include but are not limited to:

  • Original design conception
  • Design creation
  • Length and quantity of your waistbeads
  • Addition of premium/rare materials
  • Projected time spent on your waistbeads

After our consultation, please expect your invoice within 3-5 business days. To acknowledge your invoice, please pay the required deposit on your balance within one week. Then, and only then will we begin the process of crafting your beads. Your invoice will be voided after seven (7) business days. All changes to your set should be made before your deposit is paid as changes may result in a price increase.

Your consultation fee serves as a non-refundable deposit for your custom waistbeads. Should you choose to not proceed with the creation process at any point after you schedule a consultation, you will not be granted a refund for any reason. Please be sure that you love my work before booking your consultation. As always, I recommend investing in a less expensive set before booking a custom waistbeads consultation.

Active members of The Waistbeads Club will be refunded the consultation fee. The refund will be reflected in your total price. Should you choose to not proceed with crafting your waistbeads for whatever reason, your consultation fee will not be refunded/waved.

The Waistbeads Club reserves the right to refuse consultations. In this case, you will not be charged for the consultation. (Sometimes we’re not the right fit…and that’s okay.)

This consultation - like everything in this shop - is not a substitute for therapy, counseling, or medical advice. I do not seek to diagnose or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disease that may lead one to tools such as crystals, numerology, colorology, tarot, astrology, etc.

Furthermore, I do not hex, bind, sacrifice, call on any deities, etc. in order to craft your waistbeads. Waistbeads from THIS shop are tools to be used in whichever ways you see fit.  Please do not ask me about religion, rituals, or the like during your consultation.

I will not bless, anoint, or cleanse your waistbeads, however, your beads will arrive energetically cleared and ready for you and/or your spiritual practitioner to have their way with them (should you choose to go that route).

  • This is not an informational session. Please come with your own knowledge and reasoning for wanting waistbeads. I will not attempt to convince or sell you. If you are still learning about waistbeads, feel free to start with this lighthearted video. Clarifying questions about your waistbeads are welcome, however, your consultation is not a waistbeads course. Clarifying questions about your waistbeads are welcome, however, your consultation is not a waistbeads course. Clarifying questions about your waistbeads are welcome, however, your consultation is not a waistbeads course.
  • You will always be asked about your intention for your waistbeads and your reason(s) for booking with me. Please be as honest as possible and do not overthink these questions.
  • You have the option of stretch and non-stretch waistbeads. We can discuss your needs further in the call