Due to the intimate nature of our products, returns will NOT be accepted. 

Damaged waistbeads, yoni eggs, and other gemstones will be replaced free of charge if the exact product or a product of equal or lesser value in stock. Opal in Nola requires that you send the damaged items back using our prepaid shipping label. Replacement items will not be sent out until returned items have been received. All returned items will be discarded. 

Our products are handmade with care and shipped to the address that is provided at checkout via our automated labeling system to reduce the chances of error. Please check your tracking information to ensure that we’ve shipped to your correct address. We are not responsible for USPS errors. Please contact USPS to open a case for your missing mail. As the person on the receiving end, you have more information for USPS than we do.

Please inspect your shipment promptly (we recommend not ordering if you will be out of town). We require that you contact us with in 7 days confirmed delivery about any damaged items in order to qualify for a return / replacement. Contact after 7 days voids our exchange policy. 

Pictures are required of the damaged items via email. Please send clear pictures in good lighting. 

Our sizes are different than other yoni egg sellers, there is no standard size yoni egg among sellers. Returns will not be accepted for size differences, please do not compare our sizes with other sellers. 

Tiny smooth surface nicks may be present on some of our yoni eggs (mostly the quartz family) and we do not accept returns for these items as it’s part of the natural formation of the gemstone. Please familiarize yourself with gemstones, their differences (color variations, textures, polishes, etc), MOHS scale, etc. before ordering. 

All sales are final.